KAH - Halo Stemless Wine Glass

$69.30 $88.00

Product Description:

Designed to pair with the Halo Decanter.

The wooden marble sits between your fingers as you hold the glass, giving it stability in the hand. The wide bowl of the glass allows the wine to continue to open as you drink. 

Size: Approx. 7.5cm H x 9cm Di

Material: Glass and timber

Made in: Sydney

Care: Hand wash


Please understand that each piece is handmade, so the size and shape of individual pieces may vary.


About the Maker

Designer and maker Katie-Ann Houghton’s (KAH’s) innovative and quality handmade glassware is based around the idea that everyday objects should tell a story and engage our senses through their use. Designed to be both functional and practical, these objects are made to challenge the conventional expectations of tableware.