Leonie Simpson - Pebble Ring


Product Description:

There’s something soothing about holding a smooth little river pebble in the palm of your hand.

The thing is, the texture of a pebble isn’t just a matter of smoothness, it’s about history. That smoothness isn’t accidental, it’s the product of gradual creation, erosion. Water and earth working to smooth jagged edges and textures, leaving you with a gorgeous relic that not only looks incredible, but is meaningful.

The Pebbles series all have a weighted feel to them, they demand to be known and loved by you

This ring has a highly polished shank with a rough textured pebble feature.



Face: 20 x 17.5 x 5mm
Band: 5mm wide

This ring comes in two sizes L and P (AU Size)

Material: Sterling Silver

Made in: Sydney


About the Maker

Leonie Simpson’s beautiful jewellery designs are a unique mix of art and object. She is fascinated by the idea of sculpture and jewellery colliding and therein lies the ethos of her work as a designer and creator. Her small run collections focus on sustainability, wearability and artisan attention and are made with the everyday person in mind.