Opus Lab - Charred Polygon Vase

$115.50 $165.00

Product Description:

This charred wooden vase is both a sculptural object in its own right and the perfect vessel for dried flower arrangements. 


Size: 25cm x 20cm

Material: Charred QLD maple

Made in: Melbourne.

Care: Hand wash only. Do not leave in water for extended periods and re-oil wood periodically with a food safe oil such as grapeseed or walnut oil. Avoid using olive oil. 

Please understand that each piece is handmade, so the size and shape of individual pieces may vary.


About the Maker

Self taught designer, Christopher Ramos Pires creates handmade beautiful wares from his Melbourne based studio that are inspired by the design aesthetics of Scandinavia and Japan. Ramos' attention to detail and passion for the handmade allow him to create wares that are both useful and beautiful, yearning to be put on display in your home.