Studio Milligram - Pulse Point Oil Gift Set


Product Description:

Surround yourself with the intoxicating scents of Australia's wild heart with the Pulse Point Oil Gift Set from Studio Milligram.

Featuring all 6 of Studio Milligram's evocative Pulse Point Oils, the Gift Set reflects the true breadth of this continent's landscape, from the salty shores of Shoal to Study of Tree's verdant old-growth fragrances. 

Crafted with 100% essential oil blends, each Pulse Point Oil is designed to fill your sense with an evocative, natural scent inspired by Australia's untamed landscape, as well as providig a range of therapeutic benefits for mind and body. Essential oils are extracted from the roots, flowers, leaves, or seeds of plants, distilling it into an oil that can be heated or applied to the body. The result is an oil that captures the 'essence' of that plant, including the aroma and its therapeutic benefits. Dab a small amount around the inner wrists, the base of the throat, behind ear lobes, in the cleavage, behind knees, and the inner elbows for an all-encompassing scent that lingers.

Study of Trees conjures the dense aromatics of temperate old-growth forests to aid sleep and relaxation, with notes of cedarwood, white cypress and vetiver.

Nocturne has the earthy feel of fire under Australian night skies to foster calm and meditation, with notes of mandarin, coriander and buddhawood.

Overland draws on the wild expanse of Australian bushland to create an uplifting atmosphere and mental clarity, with citrus notes contrasting vegetal scents of nutmeg and vetiver.

With the crisp, salty-spray atmosphere of the rugged Australian shoreline, Shoal delivers energy and stimulation, with notes of graprefruit, fennel and peppermint.

Ultraviolet is inspired by garden sunsets of Australian summer nights to support joy, self-esteem and balanced emotions, with notes of rose, sandalwood, black pepper and clove.

Native Botanical draws on the captivating fragrances of Australian flora like eucalyptus, tea tree and Tasmanian lavender for a nostalgic and zesty fragrance that helps clear the mind.

Roll over pulse points for personal scent and therapeutic properties.


Size: 10ml x 6

Material: 100% pure natural essential oil

Made in: Melbourne


About the Maker

Studio Miligram was launched in Melbourne by good mates Scott Druce and Matt Harris and has since established itself as the premier brand for stationary and lifestyle products.  Both Scott and Matt are driven by a passion for design and the finer things in life and they make it their mission to spark emotion with every item they create.  With this philosophy in mind, Studio Milligram strives to create thoughtful, functional takes on classic objects that are made to be enjoyed for a lifetime.